Valley Metro Rail – Northwest Extension Phase I

Transit Infrastructure Support Phoenix, Arizona

Structural Grace, Inc. designed three light rail transit passenger stations on the 3.2 mile Northwest Extension of the light rail system and coordinated Valley Metro Rail’s standardized design elements with architectural, electrical and civil disciplines as well as integrated art elements. Design elements included reinforced concrete foundations and architecturally-inspired steel columns and shade canopies and louvers. Responsibilities also included structural design of traction power substations, overhead catenary system (OCS) structures and communication and signal buildings for this CMAR project. Design requirements included updating previous calculations to meet the newly adopted City of Phoenix building code. Post design services were also provided. Working with the CMAR, Structural Grace provided Value Engineering of Valley Metro’s standardized station columns and foundations, design of drilled shafts for station columns, redesign of station columns (from built-up column to WF), redesign of the station column component connections and updated/modified existing contract drawings pertinent to these structural design changes.