Structural Grace, Inc. offers the following structural design, construction management and construction staking services:

Bridge Design

The Design Group of Structural Grace, Inc. provides full-service structural engineering design services as well as special structural inspections, preparation of special provisions, cost estimating, utility coordination, and review of structural designs for constructability. We are the right team when it comes to designing cost effective and efficient structures. When the client requests, we work with the project artist, architects and landscape architects to enhance the aesthetics of the project.

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Construction Management

The Construction Management Group of Structural Grace, Inc. is a team of dedicated, experienced construction management, inspection and survey personnel. This team has the proven ability to manage and inspect construction projects in a safe manner, with minimized disruptions, on or ahead of schedule and within budget. Our Construction Management team is experienced in transportation, infrastructure, and water projects.

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Construction Surveying

The Construction Survey Group of Structural Grace, Inc. is a team of experienced construction survey personnel. We are dedicated to safely delivering quality projects on-time and within-budget. We maintain open and forthright lines of communication among the stakeholders and are proactive in mitigating obstacles. With an average of 23 years experience, our Construction Surveying personnel have extensive experience on transportation projects throughout Arizona.

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Transit Infrastructure Support

The Transit Group of Structural Grace, Inc. provides structural engineering, construction management, special inspections and survey services to transit clients throughout Arizona. For over 15 years, we have provided comprehensive designs and inspections for stations, artwork structures and ​foundations, retaining walls, signal building foundations, multi-modal bridges, and miscellaneous structures.

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